Chapter Chair National Committees
American Indians Ms. Nancy Potter
Americanism Ms. Sharon S. Sheridan
Community Service Award Mrs. Mary Lou Zimmermann
Conservation Mrs. Larra Agate
Constitution Week Mrs. Sharyn R. Marks
DAR Schools Ms. Carol Gans
The Flag of the USA Mrs. Ruth Ogden
Good Citizens Mrs. Sallie Friedman and Mrs. Maryanne Lee
Junior Membership Mrs. Julie A. Johnson
Lineage Research Mrs. Barbara Gerard
Literacy Promotion Ms. Charlotte Shutts
National Defense Mrs. Audrey Wyman
Program Dr. Virginia S. Martin
Service for Veterans Mrs. Stephanie Gardinier and Mrs. Jane Martin
VIS, Website, Facebook
Women’s Issues Mrs. Doris Harrington

Chapter Committee Appointments
Assist. Recording Secretary Mrs. Alaine V. Thorne
Computer Correspondent Mrs. Audrey Wyman
Curator Mrs. Julie A. Johnson
Education Committee Dr. Virginia Martin, Mrs. Mary Jane Walsh, Dr. Sara French, Mrs. Mary Lou Zimmermann, Mrs. Mary Julia Coons, Mrs. Dorothy Avery (honorary)
House Committee Mrs. Gretchen Maresco, Ms. Carol Gans, Dr. Virginia Martin, Ms. Clara Becker, Ms. Barbara Dague
Public Relations Ms. Barbara Dague
Save the House Mrs. Libby McKee