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Hudson DAR Field Trip to Vermont

Second Vice Regent Mrs. Katie West, the Hendrick Hudson Chapter NSDAR’s Outstanding Junior Member nominee 2019-2020, will host the chapter’s October Field Trip to Bennington, Vermont. Katie, a member since 2017, has been an active volunteer, assuming the roles of chapter Volunteer Information Specialist, Public Relations Chair, and manager of our Facebook page and website.… Continue reading Hudson DAR Field Trip to Vermont

New Administration at Hudson DAR

Elections for the Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR were held today at the Robert Jenkins House. Voting was by ballot. Tellers were Gretchen Maresco and Jane Martin. The newly elected administration is as follows: Regent Jeane LaPorta, 1st Vice Regent Virginia Martin, 2nd Vice Regent Kathleen West,  Recording Secretary Dora Thorne, Corresponding Secretary Stephanie Gardinier, Librarian… Continue reading New Administration at Hudson DAR