The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in 1890 to preserve the memory and spirit of those who contributed to securing American independence.

In applying for DAR membership, women must document their lineage back to an ancestor who aided the cause of American independence (a Patriot). These efforts may come through military, civil or patriotic service and must occur during the period between 19 April 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and 26 November 1783 (withdrawal of British Troops from New York).

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Hendrick Hudson Chapter’s Patriots:

Gideon Adams, Pvt., CT
Ezra Alexander, Sol., PS, NC
Squire Allen, Pvt., MA
Thomas Anderson, Pvt., PS, VA
David Atkins, PS, Pvt., NY
Solomon Avery, PS, CT
Oliver Bailey, Pvt., CT
Henry Bartholomew, Jr., Pvt., PA
Henry Bartholomew, Sr., Pvt., PS, PA
Aaron Baxter, Sr., Pvt., CT
Nathan Baxter, PS, Cpl., CT
Nathan Beall, Pvt., MA
Edmund Beard, Sol., GA
Isaac Benson, Pvt., PS, NH
Samuel Bertholf, Pvt. NY
Johannes Best, Pvt., NY
John I. Best, Pvt., NY
Benjamin Blackinton, Sgt., MA
Charles Boardman, CS, CT
Ort Bogart, Pvt., NY
Philip H. Bortle, Pvt., NY
Allen Breed, Pvt., NH
John Watkins Breedlove, Pvt., VA
Eliphalet Bristol, Sol., NY
Herman Brough, Jr., PS, PA
Hermanus Brough, Sr., CS, PA
Jacob Brough, PS, PA
Francis Brown, Ens., MA
John Brown, Pvt., CT
Josiah Bugbee, Pvt., NY
John Bullard, Cpl., MA
John Bunker, PS, MA
Samuel Bunker, PS, MA
Samuel Burdane, Pvt., CT
Conrad Burger, PS, NY
Benajah Burgess, Sol., CT
John Burgess, Sr., PS, CT
Peter Burgner, Pvt., PA
Joseph Burleson, Sol., VT
Charles Burrill. CS, Col., CT
Alexander Bushnell, Capt., CT
Abel Butler, Pvt., CT
Jacob Campbell, Sol., NJ
Samuel Carson, PS, Pvt., NY
John Carter, Pvt., CT
Thomas Carter, Pvt., PA
Thomas Cary, Capt., VA
Walter Channing, Lt., RI
Henry Charity, PS, VA
Caleb Cheney, Lt., CS, PS, MA
Cornelius Claflin, Lt., MA
Increase Claflin, Sgt., MA
Peter Clapper, Pvt., NY
Jeremiah Clark, Jr., Cpl., VT
John Coffey, CS, PS, Pvt., MA
Stephen Coffin, CS, MA
Levi Colby, Pvt., NH
William Colclough, PS, NC
Francis Coleman, Sol., CS, PS, SC
Henry Coon, Jr., Pvt., NY
Harman Cortelyou, Pvt., NJ
Joseph Crane, Capt., Lt., PS, NY
Paul Crim, PS, NY
Frederick Dague, Pvt., PA
Sterling Daniels, Pvt., MA
Andries I. Decker, Pvt., NY
Dirck Delamater, PS, Pvt., NY
Louis Delavergne, PS, NY
George Denegar, Pvt., NY
Jurry Wilhelm Dietrich, PS, Pvt., NY
John Ditto, Pvt., PA
David Doane, Sol., VT
Nathaniel Drowne, Pvt., MA
Tilton Eastman, Pvt., NY
Parker Emerson, Sgt., MA
Joshua Ewing, Capt., NJ
Cornelius Fonda, Pvt., NY
Isaac Forman, Pvt., SC
Joseph Foulks, Adj., VA
Richard Francisco, Pvt., NY
John Freeland, PS, Sgt., MA
John Fryer, PS, NY
Timothy Fuller, PS, MA
William Funderburgh, PS, SC
John Michael Garner, Sol., MD
Obadiah Gildersleeve, Sr., PS, NY
Richard Gladney, Pvt., SC
James Glover, Cpl., PA
Chester Goodale, Pvt., CT
Elijah Goodspeed, Sol., MA
William Gordon, Pvt., MA
Benjamin Gould, Capt., MA
Henry Greenawalt, Pvt., PA
Benjamin Griswold, Pvt., MA
Miles Griswold, Sgt., NY
Abel Grout. Pvt., MA
Jacob Haldeman, Sr., PS, PA
William Ham, PS, NC
John Hancock, PS, VA
Christopher Haner, Sol., NY
John Harp, PS, Pvt., NY
Michael Harter, PS, NY
Peter Harter, Pvt., NY
Joshua Hatfield, Capt., NY
Peter Helm, PS, NY
Samuel Henderson, 3rd, Pvt., Matr., VA
Michael Hess, Pvt., NY
Elisha Hewitt, Pvt., ARFR., CT
John Hills, Capt., PS, CT
John Hinkle, CS, PS, PA
James Hodge, Pvt., NJ
Benjamin Hodges, Cpl., MA
John Hoffman, Pvt., PA
Lawrence Hogeboom, Pvt., NY
William Holderby, Sgt., VA
Derrick W. Hollenbeck, Pvt., NY
Benjamin Holliday, PS, VA
Johannes Hooghkirk, Lt., NY
Michael Horton, Capt., NY
Thomas Houghtaling, Capt., NY
Isaac Mulford Hunting, PS, Lt., NY
Amos James, Staff Off., RI, CT, MA
Benjamin Jenkins, CS, PS, MA
Charles Jenkins, Seamn., MA
Thomas Johnson, Pvt., NJ
William Kelder, PS., Sol., NY
David Josselyn, Pvt., CT
Johann Jost Keller, PS, Pvt., NY
Abner Kellogg, Lt., NY
John Kettell, Pvt., NY
George Kilmer, CS, NY
Philip Kimmel, CS, PA
John Kittle, Capt., NY
Johannes Kline, Pvt., NY
Andrew Krieble, PS, PA
Gysbert Krom, PS, NY
Jacob DeWitt Krom, Pvt., NY
Solomon Krom, PS, NY
Lawrence Land, Pvt, NY
Conrad Lasher, Pvt., NY
John Livingston, ADC, NY
Robert Livingston, PS, NY
George Matteson, PS, Pvt., RI
Hezekiah Matteson, PS, CT
Conrad Mattice, Pvt., NY
Anthony Maxwell, Capt., NY
Alexander McClure, Pvt., VA
George McDole, Cpl., NY
Martin McNary, Jr., Pvt., CT
Thomas Mellen, PS, MA
Thomas Mesick, Sr., PS, NY
Anthony Michael, Pvt., NY
Benjamin Miller, Pvt., NY
Hans Matthias Miller, Pvt., NY
Matthias Miller, Pvt., NY
Samuel Miller, PS, Pvt., NY
Samuel A. Miller, Pvt., NY
Johannes Moore, Ens., NY
David Morrill, Lt., CS, PS, NH
Justus Munn, Cpl., CT
Charles Near, Pvt., NY
Abram Newman, Pvt., NY
Henry T. Osterhout, Pvt., NY
Teunis Osterhout, PS, Pvt., NY
Petrus Ostrander, Sol., PS, NY
Wilhelmus Overbagh, Cpl., NY
Silas Pace, PS, GA
Richard Parker, Sr., PS, NC
Jonathan Peake, Sol., NY
Abraham Person, PS, NY
Thomas Phelps, Lt., CT
Joseph William Pickens, Capt., SC
Thomas Pier, Jr., Pvt., MA
Cromwell Pierce, Lt. Col., PA
Jonathan Pierce, Pvt., CS, PS, MA
John Pink, Pvt., NY
Henry Plass, Pvt., NY
Jacob Platner, Sol., NY
Hugh Potter, Pvt., MA
Casparus Pruyn, Lt., NY
Wendel Pulver, Lt., NY
Ebenezer Purdy, PS, NY
Andrew Putnam, CS, PS, MA
Benjamin Race, Cpl., NY
Samuel Ransom, Capt., CT
Isaac Raymond, Sol., NY
Samuel Reading, PS, Maj., NJ
Dennis Relyea, PS, NY
William Relyea, PS, NY
James Requa, Pvt., CS, PS, NY
Jeriah Rhodes, PS, NY
Abijah Richardson, Staff Off., MA
Stephen Richmond, Sol., NY
James Robison, Capt., NY
Diel Rockefeller, Capt., NY
Peter Rockefeller, Lt., NY
Philip Rockefeller, Adj., NY
Simeon Rockefeller, Pvt., NY
William Rockefeller, Lt., NY
Isaac Roosa, PS, NY
Jacob J. Roosa, PS, Sgt., NY
John Rossman, Ens., NY
Ephraim Russell, Jr., Sgt., MA
Philip M. Russell, Staff Off., PA
Adam Sagendorph, Lt., NY
Daniel Schermerhorn, Capt., NY
John Seeley, PS, Pvt., NY
Stephen Seymour, Capt., CT
James Shepard, Pvt., NY
Benjamin Sherburne, Lt., RI
Thomas Sherman, Cpl., MA
Christopher Shultz, Pvt., NY
Philip Smith, Capt., NY
George T. Snyder, Pvt., NY
Martin Snyder, PS, NY
Samuel Snyder, Pvt., NY
Benjamin Southard, PS, NY
Jeptha Spalding, Pvt., MA
Frederick Stake, Pvt., PA
George Stake, Sgt., PA
William Steadman, Ens., RI
Henry Steckel, Pvt., PA
Nicholas Stickle, Sr., PS, NY
George Stimpson, Sr., Sol., MA
Ulrich Stolp, Ens. PA
Thomas Storm, Capt., PS, NY
Charles Strong, PS, SC
Lawrence M. Teel, Pvt., NY
Wessel Ten Broeck, PS, Pvt., NY
Henry Timmerman, 1st Lt., NY
Henry Tingue, CS, NY
John Tingue, Cpl., NY
Andrew Trimmer, Sgt., PA
Jacobus Van Etten, Pvt., NY
Henry Van Auken, Pvt., NY
Nicholas Van De Kar, Sol., NY
Jacobus Van Etten, Pvt., NY
Tobias Van Sant, Lt., NY
Elias Van Steenburgh, Sr., Capt., NY
Bartholomew T. Van Valkenburgh, Pvt., NY
Johannis Van Wagenen, PS, NY
Johannis J. Van Wagenen, PS, NY
James Waldron, Capt., NY
William Watkins, PS, VA
William Weaver, Mate, MA
Hans Heinrich Weidman, Sol., NY
John Howell Wells, Cpt., CT
Asa Whitney, Armr., CT
Walter Whitney, Capt., CT
William Whitney, Pvt., NY
Edward S. Willett, Capt., NY
Abraham Womack, CS, GA