New Administration at Hudson DAR

Elections for the Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR were held today at the Robert Jenkins House. Voting was by ballot. Tellers were Gretchen Maresco and Jane Martin.

The newly elected administration is as follows: Regent Jeane LaPorta, 1st Vice Regent Virginia Martin, 2nd Vice Regent Kathleen West,  Recording Secretary Dora Thorne, Corresponding Secretary Stephanie Gardinier, Librarian Carol Gans, Historian Barbara Dague, Treasurer Donna Brown, Assistant Treasurer MaryAnne Lee, Chaplain Margie Laurie, Registrar Gretchen Maresco, Assistant Registrar Barbara Gerard, Collections Manager Virginia Martin, House and Grounds Manager Clara Becker.

Regent LaPorta appointed Elizabeth McKee as Parliamentarian, for which she graciously accepted.

The administration wishes to thank the nominating committee and the many members who came forward to help and volunteer for offices and other committees. The administration is looking forward to a productive and happy tenure. 

Newly elected administration, who were in attendance at the meeting, pose in the Hendrick Hudson House, May 20, 2019. 

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