Maresco Leads VA Donation Effort

Julie Maresco, member of the Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR – recently completed an independent project as part of her participation in the DAR’s Online Members Course.

Ms. Maresco’s project involved working with the Albany Stratton Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Albany, NY and their voluntary services manager, James Keller. Ms. Maresco coordinated a district-wide drive for necessary donations to the VA. She rendered participation from 12 local DAR chapters in the process.

The Hendrick Hudson Chapter, under the coordination of Ms. Maresco, had a “Suds for our Buds” drive, collecting over 150 body wash and soap donations for veterans.

Ms. Maresco noted that she was “grateful for all the support I have received with this project as well.

“It is an honor to be a member of the DAR and to serve the members of our community, especially the veterans who have given us so much with their service to our country. I hope the chapters will continue donating to the VA and I encourage anyone who is interested to reach out to the VA’s Voluntary Services department.”

Ms. Maresco joined the NSDAR in 2015, first connecting with the Captain William Lytle Chapter in Mufreesboro, TN while attending graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University. Upon graduation with her Master’s Degree in Public History, she returned home to Columbia County, transferring her DAR membership to the Hendrick Hudson Chapter. Her mother, Gretchen Maresco, serves as the chapter’s registrar.

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