2019 HHC Good Citizen Awarded State Honor

The Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR recipient of the Good Citizen Award and Essay Contest, Trevor James Wolfe (Ichabod Crane), has recently been honored as one of two winners of the New York State competition.

Created in 1934, the DAR Good Citizens Award and Scholarship encourages and rewards qualities of good citizenship to high school seniors from accredited high schools, both public and private, throughout the United States.  This award recognizes and rewards individuals who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism in their homes, schools and communities.

Part of the scholarship requires the students to write an essay. The essential question of this year’s essay was “you and your peers are our nation;s leaders of tomorrow. How would you energize America’s youth to fully engage as effective citizens? Why is that important?”

It is an incredible honor for Trevor Wolfe and the entire HHC community want to extend a heartfelt congratulations.

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