Past HHC Newsletters

We started a chapter newsletter in 2019! Silly us, but we forgot to post the links to those newsletters here on our website! So, here are links to all of our past ones (including the current July 2020 one). But make sure to check back here each month to view a new newsletter from the HHC!

07/09/2020 – Better Late Than Never – HHC’s July Newsletter!

06/08/2020 – June HHC Newsletter

05/08/2020 – May’s HHC Newsletter

04/06/2020 – HHC April Newsletter

03/08/2020 – March HHC Newsletter

02/07/2020 – February HHC Newsletter

01/06/2020 – HHC January Newsletter

12/01/2019 – December Hudson DAR Newsletter!

11/09/2019 – Hudson DAR November Newsletter

10/03/2019 – Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR Newsletter

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