Dedicating an historic marker to General Lafayette

May 16th turned out to be a wonderful day for the dedication of a Lafayette Trail historic marker at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park. Attending in addition to Julien Icher of the Lafayette Trail and other history buffs including our Mayor were a Vice President General, and, from the Hendrick Hudson Chapter, our Regent, a past Regent, and other members.

The marker commemorates General Lafayette’s visit to the City of Hudson on his triumphal return tour of 1824-1825.

Our chapter has two commemorative items from that tour in our museum in the Historic Robert Jenkins House; they were precious treasures acquired by individuals during that tour that later were donated to the chapter’s collection to be kept in perpetuity and displayed to the public. 

How wonderful is it that Lafayette stopped in our city? Many thanks to the New York Daughters of the American Revolution, the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, and of course the Lafayette Trail.

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