Guest Speaker Featured in Times Union

The Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR, will be holding their monthly meeting, Monday, March 25, at the Robert Jenkins House in Hudson, New York.

The first meeting after the winter hiatus will feature a talk by Captain Stanley Wilcox, a Coast Guard-licensed river pilot and co-author of “Captain Stan’s Hudson River Book.”

The book is co-authored by H.W. Van Loan and was featured in a Recent Books by Regional Authors article in a December edition of the Times Union.

“Captain Stan’s Hudson River Book,” which includes 200 photos of sights seen along the river, explores “a history of all the amazing sights and events that have happened along this amazing river,” said the Times Union article. 

Captain Wilcox will give his talk at the chapter meeting beginning at 1:45pm. This meeting, like all, is free and open to the public.

For any questions, please contact the Hendrick Hudson Chapter, NSDAR. 


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