Hudson DAR Field Trip to Vermont

Second Vice Regent Mrs. Katie West, the Hendrick Hudson Chapter NSDAR’s Outstanding Junior Member nominee 2019-2020, will host the chapter’s October Field Trip to Bennington, Vermont. Katie, a member since 2017, has been an active volunteer, assuming the roles of chapter Volunteer Information Specialist, Public Relations Chair, and manager of our Facebook page and website. Katie is the first member to hold an executive office at a distance and performs her service to the chapter online and through conference calls.

Katie was born in Lewis County, NY. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing and History from Wells College, Aurora, NY. After moving around the state, including an extended period in Columbia County, she settled in Bennington, VT with her spouse, Chloe, and their four dogs: Lila, Charlie, Owen, and Pilot. Katie is currently the Public Information Coordinator for Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union. When not volunteering with the DAR, Katie enjoys writing, running, and volunteering at the local library and nursing home with Charlie, her certified therapy dog.

The Hendrick Hudson Chapter currently has 119 members, including some who live as far away as New Mexico and California. We believe, and sincerely hope, that having Katie serve our chapter from afar can assist all members, no matter their location, to feel included. Katie originally became a member to gain a sense of community and feel more connected to her heritage. We hope to extend that same feeling to all qualified women near and far.

The October Field Trip will be the first DAR meeting that Katie will be officiating. The day will start at the Bennington Monument. From there, there will be a brief chapter meeting and lunch, followed by a tour of the Bennington Museum.

The public is invited to attend. Please see attached information for details or contact Katie West (kathleenmlwest@gmail.com). All participants are encouraged to carpool and follow each other to Vermont. The distance from Hudson is a little more than a pleasant hour’s drive, replete with beautiful fall foliage.


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